At T. Rowe Price, we’re on a mission to enable and encourage individuals to reach their retirement goals—with confidence. We invest in retirement plan and participant behavior research for one very important reason: It helps us identify insights and trends that we can use to create products and services that drive outcomes.

See how we transform research into action for our plan sponsor and advisor clients. Take a look at our most recent findings.

Our Latest Research


The DC System

For private sector American workers, funding retirement is now largely dependent on workplace-provided 401(k) plans and Social Security. New T. Rowe Price research shows that it is a system that can be successful when people have access to it and use it.


Living In Retirement

New research from T. Rowe Price finds that retirees who were (or currently are) participants in 401(k) plans are generally confident and optimistic about their futures. Our research shows that for several key financial objectives, retirees have had substantial success, reporting “some” or “a great deal” of progress.


Advice Revisited

With more participants than ever seeking help and advice in financial decisions from their 401(k) plan’s provider, the recordkeeper is becoming the go‑to source for tools and support—not just for retirement planning, but for all of a participant’s financial decisions.


The Value of the 401(k)

Does a successful 401(k) plan influence a company’s profitability? It’s a question T. Rowe Price wanted to answer. What we found was intriguing. (Hint: Significant correlations exist.)


Focus on Generation X

Born between 1965 and 1980, Gen X is now at a critical juncture for retirement planning and should be a key group for plan sponsors and advisors alike to focus on.


Financial Priorities and Advice

Participants have a surprising number of financial objectives, but many report mixed results on their progress. For participants interested in advice, the majority value progress tracking over investment support.


Exploring Plan Sponsors' Commitment to Retirement

In the 2016 Plan Sponsor Study, we determined that Human Resources and Benefits professions can face a great number of challenges in creating a strong retirement program.


The Silent 170k

Nearly 170,000 participants in plans at T. Rowe Price contributed $50 or less in 2016. Data showed that this “Silent 170k” engaged far less than their peers. How do we gain their attention and get them to act?


Reevaluating Millennials

Working millennials who are saving in a 401(k) plan are challenging stereotypes and outpacing expectations, according to this study.


Assessing New Retirees

How are new retirees managing in retirement? Our research suggests that they’re faring quite well. In fact, many 401(k) participants are transitioning with considerable assets and high satisfaction.  




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