Putting participants on a confident path to retirement.

Our Retire With Confidence Program for Participants is designed to give your employees an individualized experience that helps them make informed decisions about retirement saving and investing. We believe that when participants feel they are a part of the retirement planning process, their plan satisfaction increases.


of the participants surveyed say that viewing their savings progress in video helped them better understand their retirement savings picture.

Retirement plan savers can now watch an engaging video and consider next steps.

Consider the traditional participant account statement: pages of numbers and small type, lifeless and uninteresting.

Now imagine a completely new experience, where each plan participant's retirement savings story is colorfully told through online animation that's dynamic, with real-time highlights of their savings progress and education modules they can view to help support their retirement readiness.

SmartVideo, the latest evolution in video messaging, features each participant as the star of their retirement savings story. SmartVideo is a state-of-the-art tool that engages participants and assists them with retirement readiness.

See how SmartVideo presents the retirement story.

Savings Progress

SmartVideo animates the retirement readiness experience, showing each participant's plan account information in real time.

Consider Next Steps

SmartVideo portrays participants' savings progress in a real-time storyline. Illustrations are based on a combination of six educational modules.