Putting participants on a confident path to retirement.

Our Retire With Confidence Program for Participants is designed to give your employees an individualized experience that helps them make informed decisions about retirement saving and investing. We believe that when participants feel they are a part of the retirement planning process, their plan satisfaction increases.

Building confidence throughout the participant experience

This program expands upon the strong foundation of communication that we currently offer and is intended to provide your participants with education that is:

Relevant: The timing and content of messages are based on information about the participant

Holistic: The topics addressed include both your company's retirement plan and additional financial needs faced by retirement savers

Practical: The education focuses your participants on what they can control today to more effectively achieve their long-term goals.

Meeting participants where they areat every stage of life.

The most effective retirement services are designed to support retirement readiness. The Retire With Confidence Program for Participants provides practical information to participants who are:

Starting: Covers the retirement vehicles available, such as defined contribution plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and the basics of investing, like choosing an asset allocation strategy.

Managing: Offers education to participants who are in the "accumulation" phase, where they have the opportunity to maximize their retirement assets.

Transitioning: Helps participants navigate the unique challenges that come with retirement and supports them in evaluating their retirement income potential, estimating how long their assets may last, and creating a realistic budget.

Separated From Service or Retired: Addresses retirement topics, such as converting assets to a steady retirement income stream or ways to maintain the tax-advantaged status of the account by keeping assets in a tax-deferred account, such as an IRA or employer's qualified plan.

We educate participants across each stage of life so that they can make informed decisions about their retirement program.

These services may not be available for all plan types.


of participants requested relevant information related to their lifestage.*

*Source: T. Rowe Price

COMMITTED TO EDUCATING PARTICIPANTS: The Retire With Confidence Program for Participants, including the Confidence Check-In Conversation, is educational in nature, and focuses on providing information and discussing topics which meet the requirements of the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule on participant investment education. Topics include:

Plan Information

  • Benefits of plan participation
  • Benefits of increasing plan contributions
  • Impact of preretirement withdrawals on retirement income

General Financial and Investment Information

  • Diversification
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Tax deferred investment
  • Historical differences in rates of return for different asset classes
  • Effects of inflation
  • Estimating future retirement income needs
  • Determining investment time horizons

As we continue to enhance and evolve the participant experience through the Retire With Confidence Program for Participants, we will continue to focus on your plan's success.

We hope each initiative of the program will help to improve your plan's participant engagement, increase communication efficiency, and enhance plan success while helping participants with the additional financial needs faced by retirement savers.


All topics discussed without reference to the appropriateness of any individual investment option for a particular participant or beneficiary under the plan. When discussing investment topics in conversations, our trained specialists use standard asset allocation models to address hypothetical asset allocation portfolios at various life stages. If asked, they will provide information about available investment options in different asset classes, including internally diversified investment vehicles such as target date funds. They do not recommend specific investment options to participants or beneficiaries.

All investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal.