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We do retirement plans differentlyso you can set your plan apart. Discover just a few of the innovative programs and resources that we offer to help you achieve the results you wantfor your people, for your plan, and for your business.


Saving for retirement early and steadily is sound guidance. But for those balancing competing financial priorities or struggling to pay their bills, saving for retirement that may be decades away takes a backseat.

We believe that financial wellness and retirement readiness go hand-in-hand. Our financial wellness framework is built directly into the participant experience, giving participants education and guidance for all of their financial goals—including retirement.



Workplaces just work better when employees are financially fit.

At T. Rowe Price, financial wellness isn’t a once-and-done activity. It’s a journey that continues throughout the participant’s lifecycle in the plan, providing the right level of encouragement and education to produce tangible outcomes that ultimately propel participants to and through retirement.





Without financial wellness, most participants cannot and will not save enough for retirement. The financial decisions they make directly or indirectly affect others. However, by incorporating our base financial wellness framework into the retirement journey, we’re able to leverage existing communication channels to reach participants, educate them about their financial situation, and connect the dots between the financial goals they have and the steps needed to reach them.



Our financial wellness framework gives participants a holistic look at where they are financially—and not just for retirement.

Online calculators, tools, and other resources help participants assess their current financial health so they’re better equipped to save for short- and long-term goals.



Becoming financially fit doesn’t happen overnight. Our resources help participants take small but purposeful steps toward long-term financial success.

Whether their goal is to increase contributions for retirement or to save $1,000 in a rainy day fund, we provide guidance that can help them set actionable goals for the financial issues that matter most to them.



With competing savings goals, every participant’s journey to financial wellness looks a little different.

To help them along the away, we provide individualized experiences that grow and evolve with each participant.

Participants receive highly memorable touchpoints that encourage them to stay on track and take the next natural step toward their goal.



Saving for a retirement that may last 20 years or more can be intimidating, especially for the average participant who is already balancing multiple financial goals.

Financial wellbeing is about empowering individuals to achieve their near- and long-term goals, including a successful retirement. In the end, participants learn that saving for retirement doesn’t mean giving up on another goal. It’s about establishing a firm financial footing so they’re able to save without trade-offs.


Retire with
Confidence® Program

Designed to give employees an individualized experience that helps them make informed decisions about retirement savings, debt management, budgeting, emergency fund savings, and investing. This service is built in for participants from all T. Rowe Price full-service recordkeeping clients.

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Smart Dollar

A comprehensive program available through our financial wellness offer which combines education components with clear, progressive steps to help employees set financial goals. This is an optional service available to all T. Rowe Price full-service recordkeeping clients.


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Account Center

A tool that will allow employees to organize their accounts for a holistic view of their finances. Using the Account Center, participants can aggregate outside financial accounts, develop and manage their budget, save for a specific goal, and receive analysis on spending patterns.




*SmartDollar is provided by a third party and is not affiliated with T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services, Inc. or their affiliates. There are fees associated with offering this service.


Please contact your T. Rowe Price representative, retirement plan advisor, or consultant to learn more about how financial wellness can enhance your plan.