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We do retirement plans differentlyso you can set your plan apart. Discover just a few of the innovative programs and resources that we offer to help you achieve the results you wantfor your people, for your plan, and for your business.

Financial wellness that works

Through our experience and success with auto-solutions, we've learned that changing employee behavior requires a combination of plan design, motivation, and tools that make taking action easy. It's why our one-of-a-kind financial wellness program doesn't just tell employees what they need to do but shows them how to do it.

T. Rowe Price's three-part financial wellness offer connects engagement with action to help employees build a firm financial foundation so they're better positioned to save for long-term goals, including retirement.

Assess current
financial health

Determining where each individual is
on their financial wellness journey

  • Confidence Number score, which encourages employees to keep retirement top of mind
  • Online resources, including financial planning calculators, videos, and the ability to link external investment accounts

Set meaningful
financial goals 

Creating a path to financial wellness

  • Retire with Confidence, which is designed to drive better outcomes through financial education investment principles
  • SmartDollar, which combines education with steps employees can take to manage their personal finances

Make reaching
goals automatic

Taking purposeful steps through
cash flow management







See how it works

Our financial wellness offer empowers employees to make better financial decisions today so they can better save for retirement.

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A key component of T. Rowe Price's financial wellness offer is SmartDollar, which combines education components with clear, progressive steps to help employees set financial goals. Through SmartDollar, participants learn valuable financial wellness best practicesfrom foundational principles, such as building an emergency fund, to more advanced activities, including funding college and paying off mortgages.


SmartDollar is provided by a third party and is not affiliated with T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services, Inc. or their affiliates. There are fees associated with offering this service.



Workplaces just work better when employees are financially fit

Please contact your T. Rowe Price representative, retirement plan advisor, or consultant to learn more about how financial wellness can enhance your plan.