Our active approach to target date management seeks to enhance retirement outcomes, both through dynamic tactical adjustments and security selection in the underlying strategies. As a pioneer in offering target date products since 2002, we're committed to innovation in this space, dedicating multi-asset research and development to our solutions.

The benefits of T. Rowe Price's strategic investing approach

Choosing a target date solution for your plan is a balancing act between meeting your fiduciary needs while providing the hands-off approach to investments many participants seek.

At T. Rowe Price, we believe the value added by our target date implementation has the potential to enhance retirement outcomes for participants.

Dynamic tactical adjustments
Our approach seeks to get ahead of change by identifying attractive near-term asset valuation situations and positioning their portfolios to take advantage of potential opportunities.

Security selection
We go beyond the numbers to see firsthand how the companies we invest in are performing today in order to make skilled judgments about how we think they'll perform in the future.


Leading target date innovation.

We believe in strategic investing.

Our approach has guided how we do business since 1937. We're deliberate and intentionaldriven by independence of thought and guided by the rigor of our researchso we can strive to select the right opportunities as we seek to achieve your plan's and your participants' investment objectives.

Retirement Funds

Seeking accumulation before retirement +
Supporting lifetime income withdrawals

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Target Funds

Seeking accumulation before retirement +
Supporting withdrawals over a shorter postretirement time horizon


Investment insights from a target date innovator.

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