We understand the responsibility that comes with investing retirement assets.

Our depth of understanding informs better decision-making and prudent risk management that helps us create and deliver value for your plan and employees.

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Our investment strategies reflect a long-term philosophy.

We understand the value of a patient, long-term philosophy and the responsibility that comes with investing retirement assets. In fact, 68% of our assets under management are in retirement-related plan accounts.*

Our strategic investing approach has guided us since 1937. It takes us beyond the numbers, with more than 400 investment professionals going out into the field to get the answers we need.1 This depth of understanding informs better decision-making and prudent risk management. Our investment options include more than 90 T. Rowe Price mutual funds and fully diversified target date strategies that can help participants obtain an age-based asset allocation. 

1 Investment staff as of 12/31/2018. Includes 105 portfolio managers, 24 associate portfolio managers, 165 investment analysts, 44 associate analysts, 14 multi-asset specialists, 9 specialty analysts, 2 strategists, 2 economists, 29 traders, and 18 senior managers.


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The T. Rowe Price Strategic Investing Approach

Discipline that has brought long-term rewards for clients--study highlights.

Strategic Investing Study Methodology Summary

Considerations for Plan Sponsors Collective Investment Trusts as Investment Options in Qualified Plans

With defined contribution (DC) plans now serving as the primary vehicle for retirement savings in the U.S. and concerns continuing about workers' ability to reach their retirement goals, the structure of investment lineups has never been more important.

An Evolving Target Date Landscape Insights to an Informed Assessment Process

This paper offers a framework for sponsors to establish a belief set and clarity of governance structure that provides sponsors a solid foundation to inform their review and selection of a specific TDF solution.

How Our Strategic Investing Approach Stacks Up Against Passive Portfolios

T. Rowe Price conducted a study to evaluate whether our active approach to target date management has outperformed passive strategies offered by our competitors. We examined the performance of 11 of our Retirement Funds, those for which we could identify competing passive strategies.

The Misperception of Fiduciary Risk and Active Management:
A Legal Perspective

Fiduciaries are facing increasingly complex fiduciary requirements, making investment selection more challenging than ever. This paper explores how active management can play a role in the five guiding principles for fiduciary investment selection.

Target Date Strategies
The Benefits of T. Rowe Price's Strategic Investing Approach

Our study found that the 11 retirement funds studied outperformed their benchmarks in at least 85% of rolling five-year periods and 100% of rolling 10-year periods (rolled monthly) from inception through December 31, 2018, net of fees.

Target Date Study Methodology Summary

Considerations for Plan Sponsors Constructing More Effective Defined Contribution Investment Lineups

In this paper, we explore the use of an additional metriccontribution to risk (CTR)that can help investors and analysts measure the expected contribution of each allocation to potential loss within a portfolio.

We believe in strategic investing.

This means we don't stop at surface-level analysis. Instead, our investment professionals travel the world to get the full story behind the companies we consider investing in. It has guided how we do business since 1937.
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See how our investment professionals go out into the field to get the full story.

Our Strategic Investing Approach

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*Source: T. Rowe Price. As of 12/31/2018.