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Asia Equities

Asian markets have rebounded this year despite geopolitical risks, buoyed by more stable economies, relatively attractive stock valuations, and improving earnings and cash flows.

Our investment strategies reflect a long-term philosophy.

We understand the value of a patient, long-term philosophy and the responsibility that comes with investing retirement assets. In fact, nearly 69% of our assets under management are in retirement-related plan accounts.*

Over time we have developed a proven investment philosophy emphasizing consistency and attention to risk. Our investment options include more than 90 T. Rowe Price mutual funds and fully diversified target date strategies that can help participants obtain an age-appropriate asset allocation. 


Cloud Computing: Still in its Early Stages and Spreading Globally

In our view, cloud computing—a term that describes on-demand computing power, applications, and services offered on a subscription model—is a well-established trend with multiple years of growth ahead.

Stable Value -
an increasingly attractive principal preservation alternative

Several key trends are enhancing the relative attractiveness of stable value as a principal preservation option within defined contribution plans—at a time when the stable value industry has capacity to absorb additional participant inflows.

Contribution to Risk:
An Insightful Metric for Portfolio Construction

In this paper, we explore the use of an additional metric—contribution to risk (CTR)—that can help investors and analysts measure the expected contribution of each allocation to potential loss within a portfolio.

Price Perspective: ETFs as investment options in DC plans - considerations for plan sponsors.

The exchange-traded funds (ETFs) market has experienced increased demand and heavy new issuance over the past two decades. 

The Misperception of Fiduciary Risk and Active Management:
A Legal Perspective

Fiduciaries are facing increasingly complex fiduciary requirements, making investment selection more challenging than ever. This paper explores how active management can play a role in the five guiding principles for fiduciary investment selection.

2017 Midyear Market Outlook


*Source: T. Rowe Price, 2016.