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Spring 2017 Issue: T. Rowe Price Report

The latest edition of the T. Rowe Price Report is now available.

Key Points

  • Artificial intelligence growth, propelled by technological advances and massive data sets, is reshaping companies.
  • U.S. consumer inflation has been rising sharply, raising the question of whether this is the beginning of a breakout in inflation to the upside in response to years of unprecedented monetary policy stimulus and to a well-advanced economic recovery.
  • T. Rowe Price has launched a new series of model portfolios—investing in varying allocations in a select number of the firm’s actively managed mutual funds—as part of an online discretionary investment advisory program now available for individual retirement accounts (IRAs).
  • Read the Spring 2017 Issue of the T. Rowe Price Report.

Inside This Issue:

  • AI: The Next Big Thing Is Here and Everywhere
  • Inflation Picking Up, but Just Gradually During This Year
  • Bond Investors Face a Difficult Choice: Should I Stay or Go?
  • Model Portfolios Keyed to Investors’ Time Horizons and Risk Tolerances
  • Long Life Spans and Retirements Are a Benefit as Well as a Challenge
  • And More...


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