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Fall 2017 Issue: T. Rowe Price Report

The latest edition of the T. Rowe Price Report is now available.

Key Points

  • T. Rowe Price portfolio managers say developing Asia’s outlook is bright as its stock markets have been leading the world this year.
  • Dynamic fixed income sector allocations can better complement equity exposure in portfolios.
  • The new International Bond Fund (USD Hedged) allows investors to participate in the potential benefits of diversifying into international bonds without incurring the higher volatility usually associated with foreign currency exposure.
  • The firm’s multi-asset team uses real assets and TIPS to lessen the risk of unexpected inflation in its diversified portfolios.
  • Read the Fall 2017 issue of the T. Rowe Price Report.

Inside This Issue:

  • Despite Geopolitical Risks, Emerging Asia Forges On
  • Finding Solutions To Reach Investing Goal With Multi-Asset Funds
  • Fixed Income Changes In Target Date Portfolios Improve Diversification
  • New Fund: International Bonds, Hedged To USD, Can Lower Portfolio Volatility
  • Adding Real Assets And TIPS To Portfolios To Hedge Against Inflation
  • And More...

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