Active Management: The T. Rowe Price Approach Infographic

An in-depth review shows that T. Rowe Price’s active management has rewarded U.S. equity fund shareholders over the long term.

Key Points

  • Our 18 diversified active U.S. equity mutual funds excelled over 20 years or their lifetime.
  • More than 85% beat their benchmarks the majority of the time over rolling 5- and 10-year periods.
  • Average annualized excess returns over rolling 10-year periods were 1.25% or more.
  • A relatively small amount of outperformance can accumulate over time to produce a substantial impact on returns.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. For more information on the T. Rowe Price funds used in this study, including fund performance, please visit troweprice.com/complete-active-study and troweprice.com.

Sources: T. Rowe Price, Russell, and Standard & Poor’s; data analysis by T. Rowe Price.