Why T. Rowe Price

For more than 80 years, we have helped our clients feel confident about investing through our disciplined approach and consistent focus on putting clients first.

We believe in the value of thoughtful research. It's a big part of what helps our portfolio managers as they seek to find promising opportunities in all market climates. We offer Web tools to help support your investment decisions. Plus, our low fees may reduce your costs and increase your return potential.

Most importantly, you can be sure our associates are dedicated to upholding your best interests.

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Active Investment Approach

With over 80 years of experience as an active investment manager, T. Rowe Price relies on a disciplined approach rooted in proprietary fundamental research. Our seasoned professionals strive for consistent performance, thoughtfully balancing risk and reward for our clients.


Our global research team provides a complete perspective

Our investment decisions are supported by a global research team of over 440 investment professionals. Each portfolio manager draws upon independent analysis at the regional, sector, industry, and company levels. We visit companies, interview management, and dig deep to find securities that present the best long-term opportunities for our clients.


Intense collaboration helps us arrive at long-term solutions for our clients

Investment insights become more valuable when they are shared. That's why we've worked hard to sustain a collaborative culture that encourages diverse thinking and healthy debate. Our fixed income and equity analysts work closely with each other and with portfolio managers to develop a complete investment picture. This helps us identify opportunities others might overlook.


Careful attention to risks and investment style

To help protect our clients, we have a disciplined process for evaluating risk. We set clear expectations for risks and rewards. We invest only when our analysis shows there's a potential long-term benefit. And we stay true to each fund's style so our clients will know exactly how their money is being invested.

Investment Services

We understand that making sound financial decisions can be complex. Our global network of associates provides strategies, insights, and services to help you attain your individual goals.

When you invest with T. Rowe Price, you get access to our best thinking, informed by decades of experience helping clients prepare for life's important events. Our knowledgeable associates take time to carefully learn your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance: We want to understand the whole picture before helping you choose your path forward.

Our associates are not commissioned salespeople and they're always available to talk with you. They can help with a wide range of investment topics, including portfolio assessment and reallocation, fund comparison and selection, setting up IRAs and college savings accounts, and rolling over 401(k)s.

Find information online

We provide easy-to-use financial planning tools for investors who prefer to do independent research and planning, such as:

  • Tools and Resources–Quickly analyze your current strategies in key areas, including investment, retirement, college, estate, and tax planning.
  • Asset Allocation Planning–Assess your current portfolio for appropriate diversification and asset allocation based on your investment goal, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Call us

Call an investment specialist at 1-800-638-5660 weekdays: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Low Fees and Minimums

One of the wisest investment decisions you make could be choosing a fund family that combines active management with low costs. T. Rowe Price is committed to holding fees down while offering a proven investment philosophy that seeks to maximize your returns and manage risk.

We offer mutual funds with no loads or sales charges and expense ratios below their Lipper category averages*.

A load is a commission on the price of a mutual fund's shares generally used to compensate the selling broker. Since we sell direct, we can offer funds without loads that will reduce the amount of your returns.

We carefully examine companies before we invest in an effort to make sure that each represents a true long-term opportunity—a diligence that also helps keep trading costs low. (In an effort to prevent short-term trading, which can drive up shareholder costs, we charge redemption fees on some funds.)

We keep expense ratios low

Over 75% of our funds for individual investors have expense ratios below their peer category averages*. Detailed information on our funds' fees and expenses can be found in their prospectuses.

Low investment minimums make getting started easier

By keeping our investment minimums low, we make it easier to start saving with our funds. The chart below shows what you need to get started.

Taxable Accounts IRAs
$2,500** $1,000

Our Automatic Asset Builder (AAB) service allows you to contribute monthly to your investment with as little as $100 per transaction, after the minimum to open an account is satisfied.

For more information, please visit the Account Minimums & Fees FAQs page.

*Source: Lipper Inc. 172 of 217 funds (excluding institutional and bank institutional funds as defined by Lipper) more than 6 months old had expense ratios below their Lipper averages based on fiscal year-end data available as of 6/30/18. 

**Summit funds have a minimum initial investment of $25,000.

All investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal.