Tax Refund Direct Deposit
Maryland College Investment Plan
Mail to: Maryland College Investment Plan
P.O. Box 17479, Baltimore, MD 21297-1479

Express delivery only: Maryland College Investment Plan,
Mail Code: OM-17479,
4515 Painters Mill Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117-4903

Use this form to have your federal and/or state income tax refund sent electronically to your Maryland Senator Edward J. Kasemeyer College Investment Plan (also referred to as the Maryland College Investment Plan or MCIP) account(s). This form must be on file prior to the transmittal of the funds or your refund may not be applied correctly. Do not send this form to the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") or state tax agency. The person receiving the income tax refund must be the Account Holder or Custodian (if applicable) of the MCIP account(s).

The allocation you request below will apply to all Federal and state tax refunds sent to the Maryland College Investment Plan. The tax refund direct deposit account number below is assigned specifically to tax refund direct deposits for MCIP accounts. To change the allocation of your tax refund, call 888-4MD-GRAD (888-463-4723) and provide the tax refund direct deposit account number.

Step 1: Prior to filing your tax forms, complete and return this Tax Refund Direct Deposit form to the address above. Your requested allocations must total 100% and be directed to existing accounts.

Step 2: Using the information below, complete the refund section of your IRS Form 1040 and/or your Maryland state income tax return. For state refunds in states other than Maryland, your state must accept a 17-digit account number.

  • Type of Account: Select Checking
  • Routing Number: 011000028
  • Account Number: 99020554000161228, NOT your MCIP Account Number

Name of Account Holder or Custodian (if applicable) Social Security Number of Account Holder or Custodian (if applicable)
Contact Phone Number   Alternate Phone Number
Portfolio Name Maryland College Investment Plan
Account Number
Beneficiary Name Percentage of Refund
(Entries must total 100%)
    Total:  100%
Signature of Account Holder or Custodian (if applicable) Date