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The FuturePath tool calculates a number that helps you monitor your progress toward meeting your retirement goals.

How your FuturePath tool results are determined

The Starting Point: Your Personal Information

Your path to retirement is determined first and foremost by your unique goals and circumstances. The information you entered into the FuturePath tool when you first logged in—and during any return visits—is used in each analysis we run. The information may include your:

  • Current Salary + Contributions
  • Income Sources in Retirement
    (Social Security + Pension)
  • Retirement Income Needs
  • Desired Retirement Age

We assume you increase your contribution amount, by 3% per year, until you reach your desired retirement age. Note that contributions to your workplace retirement plan are subject to Plan and IRS limits. IRAs are also subject to IRS limits. The simulations underlying your Confidence Number® score and retirement income estimates do not account for these limits.

When you are applying particular asset allocations to your individual situation or assessing the adequacy of an estimated retirement income stream, consider your other assets, income and investments (e.g., equity in your home, IRA investments, savings accounts, and interests in any other employer plans) addition to your interest in this plan.

Information you provide that's used to generate results in the FuturePath tool may also be factored into your Confidence Number® score.

Estimating Potential Outcomes: Market Simulations

Although we can't predict the future, we can provide an estimate of your future retirement assets and income. To provide this kind of insight, the FuturePath tool utilizes the power of Monte Carlo analysis.

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