T. Rowe Price Global Allocation Fund (RPGAX)

"Best One-and-Done Mutual Fund" Kiplinger, November 2015.

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Fund Status:
Open to new Retail investors  /  Open to subsequent Retail investments
Fund Composition
Asset Allocation
as of 10/31/2016
Volatility and Other Measures
as of 10/31/2016
Beta 0.99
Standard Deviation 7.11
Price/Earnings Ratio (International) 18.2
Earnings Growth Rate (International) N/A
Turnover Rate 46.6
Median Market
$54,195.47 Million
Country Exposure
as of 10/31/2016
United States 49.4%
Japan 6.4%
United Kingdom 5.5%
France 2.3%
China 2.1%
Switzerland 2.0%
Brazil 1.8%
Germany 1.7%
India 1.4%
Canada 1.3%
Sector Diversification
as of 10/31/2016
% of Total Net Assets
Information Technology 9.9%
Financials 9.5%
Consumer Discretionary 8.6%
Health Care 7.3%
Industrials & Business Services 5.5%
Consumer Staples 4.5%
Materials 2.7%
Energy 2.2%
Real Estate 2.2%
Utilities 1.8%
Telecommunication Services 1.6%
10 Largest Holdings
Represents 5.91 % of Total Net Assets
View Holdings as of:
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Philip Morris International
Tencent Holdings
As of 11/30/2016 the Global Allocation Fund had a total of 1346 holdings.
Regional Exposure
as of 10/31/2016
North America 50.8%
Europe 19.6%
Pacific Ex Japan 10.5%
Japan 6.4%
Latin America 4.7%
Middle East & Africa 1.6%
Multi - Region 0.1%
See Glossary for additional details on all data elements.
‡ From Kiplinger.com, November 2015 ©2015 The Kiplinger Washington Editors. All rights reserved. Criteria: Kiplinger's identified the T. Rowe Price Global Allocation Fund as a global allocation fund with low fees, below-average volatility, and above-average returns. Kiplinger's also weighed risk-adjusted returns. For their selection Kiplinger's utilized Morningstar's world allocation category, which includes approximately 130 funds. The ending date for performance and fee data was September 30, 2015. Kiplinger's Personal Finance, November 2015.