T. Rowe Price Maryland Tax-Free Money Fund (TMDXX)
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Open to new Retail investors  /  Open to subsequent Retail investments
Fund Performance
Quick Stats
Current NAV as of 02/05/2016 $1.00
NAV Change $0.00
Net Assets as of 01/31/2016 $132.58 Million
Daily YTD Return as of 02/05/2016 N/A
Three Month Return as of 01/31/2016 N/A
Expense Ratio as of 02/28/2015 0.58%
Average Annual Total Returns and Benchmarks
as of 12/31/2015
Distribution Schedule
Dividends Monthly
Capital Gains N/A
Distribution History

Per Share Amount

Reinvestment Price
10-31-2015 $0.00 $1.00
11-30-2015 $0.00 $1.00
12-31-2015 $0.00 $1.00
01-31-2016 $0.00 $1.00
Distribution amounts are rounded to the nearest cent. Shareholders should refer to their statements for exact distribution amounts.
Share Splits
as of 01/31/2016
Split Type N/A
Effective Date N/A
Pre-Split NAV N/A
Post-Split NAV N/A
Alternative Minimum Tax*
as of 01/31/2016
Percentage of Fund Income subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax 6.98%
*Alternative minimum tax (AMT) percentage provided here represents the fund's estimate of income subject to the AMT as of the date indicated. This percentage is subject to change throughout the year and does not necessarily indicate the final amount of income that will be subject to AMT. The current AMT percentage should not be used for tax return preparation or other tax filings. T. Rowe Price will provide fund account holders with a final AMT percentage in January.
Calendar Year Total Returns
2006 2.93%
2007 3.14%
2008 1.82%
2009 0.15%
2010 0.01%
2011 0.01%
2012 0.01%
2013 0.01%
2014 0.01%
2015 0.01%
Performance Comparison
as of 01/31/2016
This chart shows the value of a hypothetical $10,000 investment in the fund over the past 10 years or since its inception (for funds lacking 10-year records). The result is compared with benchmarks, which may include a broad-based market index and a peer group average or index. Market indexes do not include expenses, which are deducted from fund returns as well as mutual fund averages and indexes.
7-Day Annualized Yield1
as of 02/05/2016
Simple2 0.01%
Simple w/o Waiver -0.51%
Compound2 0.01%
Compound w/o Waiver -0.51%
Average Annual Total Returns3
  Month End
Quarter End
1 Year 0.01% 0.01%
3 Years 0.01% 0.01%
5 Years 0.01% 0.01%
10 Years 0.78% 0.80%
Since Inception 0.93% 0.93%
Inception Date March 30, 2001
Current performance may be lower or higher than the quoted past performance, which cannot guarantee future results. Return and yield will vary.
1A method of calculating a money fund's yield by annualizing the fund's net investment income for the last seven days of each period divided by the fund's net asset value at the end of the period.

2In an effort to maintain a zero or positive net yield for the fund, T. Rowe Price has voluntarily waived all or a portion of the management fee it is entitled to receive from the fund. A fee waiver has the effect of increasing the fund's net yield. The 7-day yield without waiver represents what the yield would have been if we were not waiving our management fee. This voluntary waiver is in addition to any contractual expense ratio limitation in effect for the fund and may be amended or terminated at any time without prior notice. Please see the prospectus for more details.

Year-to-date figures are not annualized and represent total return, which includes reinvested distributions (income and capital gains) and any change in share price for the given period. The yield quotation more closely reflects the current earnings of the money market fund than the total return quotation.
3Average annual total return figures include reinvested dividends and capital gain distributions.
See Glossary for additional details on all data elements.