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  • T. Rowe Price Global Infrastructure Fund (TRGFX)
    Ticker Symbol:
    Fund Status:
    Closed to new Retail investors  /  Closed to subsequent Retail investments
    Fund Objective
    Quick Stats
    Fiscal Year End  October
    Inception Date 01/27/2010
    Tax ID 27-1355406
    Investment Objective
    Long-term capital growth from investments in global corporations involved in infrastructure and utility properties.
    The fund will have about 60% of its investments in Europe and North America, plus exposure to the Asian markets. It will be more geographically diversified than many of its competitors. The portfolio manager can invest in companies of all sizes and has the flexibility to shift assets between different areas within the infrastructure industry based on prevailing market conditions.
    Investor Profile
    The Global Infrastructure Fundís focus on a rapidly growing sector of the world economy offers the potential for strong price appreciation. Since the fund is not diversified and invests globally, it is appropriate only for investors who can tolerate substantial volatility. The Global Infrastructure Fund would be a good complement to an investorís core international holdings as part of an overall diversified portfolio. It should not be an investorís only international holding. Appropriate for both regular accounts and IRAs.
    Risk/Reward Potential*
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    This fund aggressively pursues long-term capital growth by investing in foreign and U.S. companies involved in infrastructure and utility properties.

    The fund is less diversified than a non-focused fund and its substantial reward potential is coupled with significant risk. In addition, any foreign holdings could be affected by declining local currencies or adverse political or economic events.
    *Funds are placed in general risk/return categories based on their past performance or, for newer funds, the performance of the types of securities in which they invest. There is no assurance past trends will continue.
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