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  • T. Rowe Price Latin America Fund (PRLAX)
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    Open to new Retail investors  /  Open to subsequent Retail investments
    Fund Objective
    Quick Stats
    Fiscal Year End  October
    Morningstar Category  Latin America Stock
    Inception Date 12/29/1993
    Tax ID 52-1851931
    Investment Objective
    The fund's objective is long-term growth of capital through investment primarily in the common stocks of companies located, or with primary operations, in Latin America.
    Invests primarily (normally at least 80%) in companies located in Latin America. The fund seeks to identify companies that can achieve and sustain above-average, long-term earnings growth.
    Investor Profile
    Those seeking enhanced appreciation potential over time and greater diversification for their equity investments who can accept the volatility associated with investing in stocks as well as the special risks that accompany international investing. Appropriate for both regular and tax-deferred accounts, such as IRAs.
    Risk/Reward Potential*
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    This fund offers investors a convenient way to tap the significant long-term growth potential of companies primarily in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Peru. Latin America's proven production capabilities, combined with a wealth of natural resources and affordable labor, offer an attractive environment for foreign investment.

    Investing in this fund involves a high degree of risk due to its concentration in the emerging economies of a specific region. Share prices are also subject to market risk, as well as risks associated with unfavorable currency exchange rates and political or economic uncertainty abroad. The fund is registered as "nondiversified," which means it may invest a greater portion of assets in a single company than a diversified fund, which could increase risk.
    *Funds are placed in general risk/return categories based on their past performance or, for newer funds, the performance of the types of securities in which they invest. There is no assurance past trends will continue.
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