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  • T. Rowe Price Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap Gr Fund (DRESX)
    Ticker Symbol:
    Fund Status:
    Open to new Retail investors  /  Open to subsequent Retail investments
    Fund Composition
    Asset Allocation
    as of 05/31/2014
    % of Total Net Assets
    Foreign Stock 82.2%
    Other 8.1%
    Cash 7.2%
    Domestic Stock 1.6%
    Foreign Bond 1.0%
    Preferred 0.0%
    Domestic Bond 0.0%
    Convertibles 0.0%
    Volatility and Other Measures
    as of 07/31/2014
    Beta 0.79
    Standard Deviation N/A
    Price/Earnings Ratio (International) 17.63
    Price/Book Ratio N/A
    Earnings Growth Rate (International) 16.98
    Turnover Rate 223
    Median Market
    $1,752.92 Million
    10 Largest Holdings
    Sks Microfinance Ltd Pnote 2.34%
    CT Environmental Group Ltd 2.01%
    Just Dial Ltd Pnote 1.79%
    Anton Oilfield Services Group 1.73%
    Vipshop Holdings Ltd ADR 1.39%
    Hilong Holding Ltd 1.36%
    Cyrela Brazil Realty SA Empreend e Part 1.35%
    Kaveri Seed Co Ltd P-Note 1.34%
    Wonik IPS Co Ltd 1.27%
    PT Matahari Department Store Tbk 1.25%
    Regional Exposure
    as of 07/31/2014
    Asia - Ex 4 Tigers-Emrg 31.6%
    Asia - 4 Tigers-Emrg 14.0%
    Central and Latin America-Emrg 11.56%
    Africa-Dev 6.03%
    Central and Eastern Europe 3.54%
    Africa-Emgr 2.34%
    United States 1.57%
    United Kingdom 1.39%
    Canada 1.23%
    Western Europe (Non-Euro) ex UK 0.72%
    Country Exposure
    as of 07/31/2014
    China 13.31%
    Brazil 9.25%
    Taiwan 6.18%
    South Korea 5.44%
    South Africa 3.86%
    Philippines 3.54%
    Turkey 3.54%
    Indonesia 3.53%
    India 2.43%
    Malaysia 2.37%
    See Glossary for additional details on all data elements.
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