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  • T. Rowe Price Summit Municipal Money Market Fund (TRSXX)
    Ticker Symbol:
    Fund Status:
    Open to new Retail investors  /  Open to subsequent Retail investments
    Fund Composition
    Volatility and Other Measures
    as of 08/31/2014
    Beta N/A
    Standard Deviation N/A
    Credit Quality Diversification1
    as of 06/30/2014
    % of Total Net Assets
    First Tier 100.0%
    1Sources: Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's (S&P), and Fitch. Tier 1 securities either receive the highest short-term credit ratings (within which there may be sub-categories or gradations) by at least 2 qualified rating agencies (unless only rated by 1 rating agency) or are deemed to be the equivalent of Tier 1 by T. Rowe Price. A Tier 2 security is any other eligible money market fund investment that does not meet the Tier 1 criteria. T. Rowe Price does not evaluate these ratings, but simply assigns them to the appropriate credit quality category as determined by the rating agency. Unrated securities, if any, have been determined by T. Rowe Price to be the equivalent of an eligible money market investment. Securities that have not received any rating from a rating agency totaled 0% of the portfolio at the end of the reporting period.
    Weighted Avg. Maturity
    as of 08/31/2014
    54.50 days
    Weighted Average Life
    as of 08/31/2014
    54.60 days
    10 Largest Holdings
    Represents 20.60 % of Total Net Assets
    View Holdings as of:
    Coupon % Maturity
    AUSTIN TX WTR WSTWTR VRDN .050 09/09/2014
    KING CO WA MULTI MODAL TX B VRDN .040 09/09/2014
    LYNCHBURG VA IDA CENTRA A VRDN .040 09/09/2014
    MD CDA CHRL APT B AMT VRDN .050 09/09/2014
    MO ST HL&ED WASH U SER B DLY .040 09/03/2014
    MTRO WA DC ARPT WF AMT SR 107C 144A PUT .100 09/09/2014
    NY LIBERTY DEV 3WTC SR A1 PUT .150 03/19/2015
    ROCKPORT IN PLTN CTL AEP GEN CO SR A .040 09/09/2014
    STHRN UTE IND TRIBE 144A VRDN .060 09/09/2014
    WA HLTH CR FAC PROV HLTH SR C VRDN .070 09/09/2014
    As of 06/30/2014 the Summit Municipal Money Market Fund had a total of 201 holdings.
    Security Diversification
    as of 08/31/2014
    % of Total Net Assets
    Tax-Free Revenue 20.0%
    Tax-Free Gen. Obligations 8.0%
    Tax-Free US Government 0.7%
    See Glossary for additional details on all data elements.