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  • T. Rowe Price California Tax-Free Money Fund (PCTXX)
    Ticker Symbol:
    Fund Status:
    Open to new Retail investors  /  Open to subsequent Retail investments
    Fund Composition
    Volatility and Other Measures
    as of 05/31/2014
    Beta N/A
    Standard Deviation N/A
    Credit Quality Diversification1
    as of 03/31/2014
    % of Total Net Assets
    First Tier 100.0%
    1Sources: Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's (S&P), and Fitch. Tier 1 securities either receive the highest short-term credit ratings (within which there may be sub-categories or gradations) by at least 2 qualified rating agencies (unless only rated by 1 rating agency) or are deemed to be the equivalent of Tier 1 by T. Rowe Price. A Tier 2 security is any other eligible money market fund investment that does not meet the Tier 1 criteria. Unrated securities, if any, have been determined by T. Rowe Price to be the equivalent of an eligible money market investment. Securities that have not received any rating from a rating agency totaled 0% of the portfolio at the end of the reporting period.
    Weighted Avg. Maturity
    as of 06/30/2014
    55.40 days
    Weighted Average Life
    as of 06/30/2014
    55.50 days
    10 Largest Holdings
    Represents 35.36 % of Total Net Assets
    View Holdings as of:
    Coupon % Maturity
    BAY AREA TOLL CA E1 VRDN .040 07/09/2014
    CA HFA SCRIPPS F VRDN .050 07/09/2014
    CA HFA SR B AMT VRDN .040 07/09/2014
    CA HSG MULTIFAM III D VRDN .050 07/09/2014
    CA INFRA ECON PACIFIC GAS D DLY .010 07/02/2014
    CA ST HFFA REV MEM HLTH SVCS SR A VRDN .050 07/09/2014
    CA ST PUB WKS U CA PROJ SER F PRE 5.000 11/01/2014
    LOS ANGELES CA WTR & PWR B 1 VRDN .050 07/09/2014
    Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency/CA .070 07/09/2014
    SACRAMENTO CA SUBN WTR A VRDN .060 07/09/2014
    As of 06/30/2014 the California Tax-Free Money Fund had a total of 68 holdings.
    Security Diversification
    as of 05/31/2014
    % of Total Net Assets
    Tax-Free Revenue 15.9%
    Tax-Free US Government 6.6%
    Tax-Free Gen. Obligations 1.5%
    See Glossary for additional details on all data elements.